We will call the person you referred within 3 days after your referral is submitted. If we are unable to reach them we will try back at another time. If the contact number you provided is registered on the Do Not Call List we will not be able to contact your friend.

You will receive your gift card within 8 weeks from the date your friend had their services installed.

Because we cannot discuss details associated with a client's account with anyone except the client we will not be able to confirm for you if your friend subscribes to TELUS services. Please call your friend to see if they have subscribed to TELUS home services as the result of your referral. If your friend has subscribed to a TELUS service as the result of your referral and it has been more than 8 weeks since their installation and you have not received your gift card please email referrals@telus.com with your full name, TELUS Home Phone number or account number and the full name and phone number of the friend you referred. We will look into the status of the referral and let you know if you should be expecting a gift card. Due to client privacy the information that TELUS can provide is very limited.

Yes, as long as you are a TELUS customer (TELUS Mobility, Home Phone, Internet or TV) you are able to refer customers to TELUS TV and receive a gift card.

Yes, as long as they do not currently have the service you are referring them to and have not had that service in the past 90 days.

The first referral received will be credited with the customer's referral. Referrals are considered expired 30 days after the submission.

No. TELUS takes our customers' privacy rights very seriously. We cannot confirm which services a customer subscribes to.

Only home service subscriptions purchased when the TELUS representative calls your friend as a result of your referral will be compensated with a referral gift. If your friend purchases TELUS home services through any other sales channel, the referral will not be compensated.

You can refer a friend to services they have not subscribed to in the past 90 days.

No you cannot refer yourself or anyone else in your household.

The referral is active for 30 days. If your friend has not signed up for service within 30 days of the referral being submitted it is considered closed.

Please refer to the employee referral section of Habitat by clicking here.